Why Are We Different?

Injury Massage

Unlike most massage chains and spas, we don't do a generalized Swedish Massage. Every person is different and has specific physical pains or restrictions; so we treat the individual based upon their specific problems in an effort to alleviate their pain. While the goal of a Swedish session is just to relax you and loosen up muscle tension, our sessions have only one goal, to stop you from hurting. 

How Can Massage Therapy Help With Injuries?

When someone is hurting as a result of a minor or serious injury, the musculature in your body reacts to the trauma. As an example: You get into a car accident and suffer whiplash (the sudden deceleration and acceleration of your head) in an attempt to prevent injury, your muscles will contract violently to try to counter the fast motion of your head. Unfortunately, when trying to prevent bodily injury, that is exactly what it causes. The muscles in your neck will spasm and lock up causing pain.

What Does It Mean For A Muscle To Spasm?

When a muscle is contracted for a long period of  time (sleeping, driving, performing the same repetitive motions) the muscle will develop Trigger Points. Trigger Points are firm, palpable, highly irritable spots in a taught (tight) band of muscle fiber or fascia, characterized by exquisite tenderness, referred pain, and loss of range of motion. More Commonly referred to as "Knots" in the muscle. These cause shortness of the muscle, putting tension on its attachments to the bone. 

Muscle Work Is Necessary

What’s The Big Deal About Muscles?

When people think of muscles they tend to think in terms of strength instead of thinking in terms of movement and function. Every action in your body is caused by muscles contracting. Everything from blinking, to running, to climbing, to lifting, to swallowing, to digesting, to pumping blood; it’s all muscles behind it. Your muscular system is all connected together by something called fascia. This essentially makes all of your muscles into one, single organ that surrounds every inch of your body. If these muscles aren’t working and aren’t contracting properly, there is going to be pain, limited movement, bodily dysfunction and  more. We brush our teeth every day because we have to take care of them so they don’t whither and die away and yet we neglect our muscles. Our teeth would be useless if not for the muscles that make you chew food. A muscular Injury can be something as simplistic as a cramp in a leg, a pain in the elbow or wrist, a headache, an awakened twitch, stiffness, and so much more.

So Why Is Muscle Work Necessary?

Trigger Points in the muscles are little tangled knots of the muscle fibers. These Trigger points develop with every muscular injury and cause most of the pain. To make these sound even worse, they are post mortem. What that means is that they CAN NEVER go away by themselves even after death. This is why Massage was created. When it originated, it was used only for injury and was never used to relax someone. It was a medical practice that was only allowed to be performed by doctors. Massage has been given a poor reputation due to spas and Swedish Massage chains. Massage isn’t a luxury. In fact, for a lot of people, it’s not an option to go with out it. It all depends on what kind of massage you get. If you want to be tickled, go to a spa. If you want your muscles to be worked in a way that’s going to increase your health immensely, call me to schedule. 

How Do Muscles Affect My Posture? What Is My Posture?

The term posture is used to describe the level of Structual integrity that your body maintains. When you slunch forward, always have a shoulder elevated, lean on one side, sleep in an unhealthy position, these things lead to trigger points in the muscles. When there are trigger points in the muscles, the muscles move the bones out of place and alter their positioning. This is why it’s hard to “stand up straight“ when you have bad posture normally. Those muscles are too tight to let you stand up straight. Loosening the muscles that are causing the loss of integrity to your posture, will balance the muscles out and allow your body to return to its proper positioning. When our posture is poor, we open up the door to minor and major injuries and let them start flooding in. Just like how you can get sick easier when you don’t sleep enough, your body can get injured way easier when you don’t take care of your muscles. We do an immense amount of preventative work to help reduce the risk of injury and help fix posture. So you’re going to need to come in anyways, might as well do it before you’re hurting too much to pick up the phone. Our only goal is to help as many people as we can on a daily basis. Let us help you. 

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